The Other Side of Suicide is a virtual reality journey with those left behind; "The Survivors".  Those affected by suicide experience a tsunami of emotions; "Soul Trauma" of devastation, destruction, shock, horror and brokenness; lives forever altered and changed!
Suicide knows no bounds.  Every age, gender, race, creed, culture, and religion has been affected.  Suicide, without regard for anyone, pulls people into a journey that none should have to travel.  Every year tens of thousands of people find themselves in what can only be described as "hell on earth."
The journey contained between these pages is painful and intense, yet compassionate. The journey you are about to take is designed to guide "the survivors" to the place of peace they so desperately seek.  It's designed to alert and awaken those who have reached a place in life where they feel, "there is no way out," that life is worth living no matter what!
For those with a compassionate heart this journey will prepare them t

The Other Side of Suicide